he he he he levi’s

The first place I bought Levi’s. Pants Corral.

It was a wonderful place.

The pants were stacked by color. By style. It was heaven. And fortunately for me, there was one right there on Offut Road off Liberty. What an oasis.

The other day, the name came back to me. And I looked it up.

OMG! Did you know it was owned by our grocery store chain? The GIANT? I am beyond disappointed. I am freaking out here!

Now I realize that cool was so not. Those color corduroys? Nothing special. We were pawns. Pawns of the conglomerate that brought you Count Chocula and bananas.


I wish I had something pithy to say. But I’m in such distress. Maybe I’ll boycott jeans for all time.

Or not.


2 thoughts on “he he he he levi’s

  1. Wendy, you just reminded me of a place we used to go for our Dittos or Sergio Valenti’s (you have to be pretty old like me to remember those brands)…it was called “the Surprise Store”. Not sure what the surprise was, maybe finding out that your butt was bigger than you thought when you tried on your jeans?

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