Zest-fully clean.

Finished unpacking the boys from camp.

You are not going to believe me when I tell you this. But it’s true. No one could make this up.

No one.

When I opened the plastic soap box in which I’d lovingly placed the brand new bar of Zest for one of my darling sons, I noticed something.

Something shocking.


Downright wrong.

The soap was in tact. The letters engraved – Z. E. S. T. were perfect.

Water had never touched it’s deodorant-cleaning-nice-smelling surface.

It was untouched. Unused.

How gross is that?


10 thoughts on “Zest-fully clean.

  1. oh don’t be silly, all boys tend to forget to unwrap the soap. i had a friend who sent 3 bars to camp. 1 was still wrapped, 1 in the soapdish untouched and the third…

    carved into a small animal!

    gotta give points for creativity.

    clean is over-rated in these situations

  2. LOL insanely @ amyz5!!! I have two boys, thankfully now grown and each fully aware of where their soap and towel is. But that bar of Zest brings a lot of unwelcome memories back!

  3. Been there, (he’s) done that. (Ughh!) This year I tried liquid soap in a shampoo-type bottle. However, your post reminds me that I have no idea how much was used because I had him do most of the unpacking. Hmmm… Will be checking later….

  4. The exact same thing happened in our house. So I asked, stupidly, “What did you guys use to clean your bodies when you were at camp? Seeing how your soaps are STILL IN THE BOX!!” Their simple answer,”Shampoo, sometimes”. I don’t what to know what they used the other times! However, the deodorant was definitely used.

  5. I’ll be painfully honest here. All the summers I went to camp, the girls never unpacked the soap either. There is just something about being in the woods that makes one forget to wash. Or maybe it is something about being 11…

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