I couldn’t make this up.

Today, as I was leaving the grocery store, there was woman standing in front of the automatic exit door. She looked frantic. She was waving her arms over her head, off to the side and up again.

Our eyes met. Obviously the door wasn’t working. She couldn’t trip the motion switch. I could see the panic. Stuck in the Giant forever, her eyes said.

I walk beside her, reached out and pushed the door open.


15 thoughts on “I couldn’t make this up.

  1. sad that we live in a world where we expect everything to be done for us mechanically and have forgotten how to exert energy… What do you think she would do if her T.V. remote didn’t work?

  2. This is what happens when the kid’s friends come to our house. They can’t figure out how to do things like roll down the car windows, or use the land line. I’d expect more from someone born before 1995!

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