nice bumpersticker, hon.

Saw this today in Baltimore. For those of you who aren’t from these parts, Hon is the Universal Name…Like Sir, Ms…interchangeable with any name (according to Baltimore Lexicon experts). Baltimore is also know for HonFest – a fun and fab celebration. But at any rate, I loved the bumpersticker. Can’t find them online. Might have to make my own.


3 thoughts on “nice bumpersticker, hon.

  1. Just fantastic!

    I had a co-worker in Houston who was originally from BAL-mur (at least that’s a close approximation of what it sounded like to me), and she called everybody “Hon”. I thought it was just her thing. Thanks for educating me!


  2. Man, when I was in Baltimore, no one Hon’d me! I had to put strangers in headlocks just to get them to make eye contact and say hello! I’m coming back, and I’m not leaving til I’m hon’d!

    Love that sticker too, though. Would love to have a t-shirt with that on it. I’m going surfing now.

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