See any similarities?

Today we toured the Cabot Cheese plant. Now check this:


9 thoughts on “See any similarities?

  1. Funny! Yes, the song is in my head too. ARGHHH. No W on my jacket – I wish!
    Amy, the plant didn’t smell at all. It was really amazing too. Cheddar, sour cream, cottage cheese & more. Huge. Cabot is a coop owned by 2000 farmers. We even got to visit a farm and see all kinds of cool stuff there. You should see my shoes! Hershey used to be fun, but it’s all fake now – no real tour…boo hoo.
    Zandria – yup. And these are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet!
    Home soon! (can’t wait)

  2. Very cute! I’ve not seen get-up like that since Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for taking good care of Jen!

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