Got milk?

The great dairy tour of Aught Eight continues.

I told you a little about the Cabot factory tour. It was really fun. But we also got to tour Molly Brook Farms, an award winning Jersey farm.

The Goodriches, Sally and Walter, and their son Myles, were hospitable beyond compare. They showed us around, told us stories, let us ask questions. And let us show our city-folk nativity.

Oh, and they also gave us huge plastic booties to put over our shoes so the cow poo and mud didn’t ruin them. I thought that was awfully nice of them. Don’t you?

This family is one of the 2,000 that own Cabot Creamery. (Did you know it was a coop? It is!)

Sally told me that she always dreamed of living on a farm. And then, 59 years ago, she met Walter. Kismet. They’ve been married 58 years. Walter, at 80, was quick and funny and charming.

What a cutie! Seeing the calves was great. We even saw one that was born the day before. And stories? We heard about a calf that lived in the house for months and other great tales.

Sally would call out a name and, I swear, that cow would look up. It was crazy. Even my kids don’t respond to their names as well.

This automated device ran the length of the stalls pushing the poop down to a huge slot at the end. It looked kind of like chocolate syrup being pushed along the ground. Only it did not smell like chocolate. Not even close.

The dog was a little needy for attention. Walter told me not to pet him or I’d never rid of him.

All in all? It was wonderful. Yes, they work long, long days. And the work seems hard. And the weather is challenging. And demands are great.

But I walked away thinking it’d be a wonderful life to lead.

But I’d have to give up my shoe collection.

And that’d hurt a bit.


4 thoughts on “Got milk?

  1. We had one of those manure movers at my horse barn in college. It was a gift from god. But we did not need booties to cover our shoes. Horses are much cleaner than cows.

  2. That sounds fun, and very interesting! But I bet the shoe covers were as much to prevent visitors bringing cow diseases in as to help preserve their shoes! LOL!

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