I’m hot.

Flashes aside, I felt really hot today. You see, I went to a 55+ community.

I was teaching a colleague of mine (from a non-profit Board that I serve on) how to update the website. I put the site up and maintenance had been my job for several years along with email communications and more. This kind soul offered to take it on. If I would teach her how.

She was a good student. I feel confident that she’ll do a great job.

But I’m off topic again. Sorry.

This post is about walking through that community. The parking there is a nightmare. It’s a beautiful new community. I find it shocking that there are so few visitor parking spaces. Don’t these people get company? I know they do! But where the heck do they park?

In my case, the answer is 1/4 mile away. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But I did walk and walk and walk.

And everywhere I went, I got stares from the men. This was mid-day. Don’t these people work? Oh, right, guess not. So the old guys gave me the once or twice or thrice over. The old guys at the pool. The old guys fidgeting with their cars. The old guys hanging out talking to other old guys.

I have to admit, it gave me a little extra spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Flattery is flattery. Even from a bunch of old men.


8 thoughts on “I’m hot.

  1. Great post, and brilliant pick-me-up tip. I don’t think we have any such communities around here, but there *is* a nursing home just down the road. I might just stroll by the next time I’m feeling blue.

  2. ‘Smokin’ baby! The traffic planner probably was in cahoots with the male residents to make sure that the hot ones would have to walk the walk. In this case, however, you also ‘talked the talk!’

  3. You probably made their day! I’m sure the hot topic in the dining room was “Did you see the hot babe, walking through today?” ¡Ay, caramba!

  4. Yay for you!!!

    Oh, wait! You didn’t have your skirt caught in the back of your knickers, did you? ROFL!!

    I saw someone with that little problem walking through our shopping mall one day. Other Half wouldn’t let me go and tell her. He had this smirk on his face, too. Trust him!

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