Flat. Iron.

My kids didn’t know I owned an iron until they wanted those little plastic bead things done. Seriously.

I do iron occasionally. But not often, I admit.

In fact, today I took their clothes to the cleaners to be pressed for the bar mitzvah. Hey, at least they’ll look nice. Or at least they won’t look like orphans.

But I digress. I was going to tell you about the flat iron that I picked up for my mom today. It’s really nice! I tried it out and boy is my hair straight. I have a $20 version from Rite Aid. Not even close.

I covet that flat iron. (note to self: go back to Ulta and get another one!)

And since I don’t have a daughter and I was eager to straighten some hair, I somehow managed to convince Max to let me straighten his. What do you think?

He likes it!

I think this is an excellent example of why I am a good boy-mom and might not have been such a great girl-mom. You see, the front of Max’s hair looks pretty good. The top/sides are too. But look closely. Clearly I had bored of this task and was ready to be done because you can see the bottom/sides are pretty darn wavy. Yup. I failed the test. No daughters for me.

Lucky for me, I have a couple friends with cute little girls and a couple who are expecting some more soon! Girl power!

And maybe. Just maybe one of them will let me braid some hair.


7 thoughts on “Flat. Iron.

  1. he is so handsome, whatever hair.

    having a daughter with the longest curliest hair on earth i am no stranger to flat irons. when she gets her hair cut they need two people to blow it out!

    of course she leaves the cheap one home for me and takes the good one to school.

  2. I have a flat-iron, but my hair is so stick-straight that I can barely see a difference when I use it. I recently acquired a triple-barrel curling iron from a friend. It’s supposed to make your hair all wavy, but you have to line the last barrell up with the last wave, like hanging wallpaper. Talk about having to have some patience.

    I’ll send it to you, and let’s see what you can do to Max with this thing.

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