The sky is falling.

The following is an excerpt from adaptation by Rick Walton.
Once upon a time there was a tiny, tiny chicken named Chicken Little. One day Chicken Little was scratching in the garden when something fell on her head.

“Oh,” cried Chicken Little, “the sky is falling. I must go tell the king.”

So Chicken Little ran and ran, and she met Henny Penny.

“Where do you travel so fast, Chicken Little?” asked Henny Penny.

“Ah, Henny Penny,” said Chicken Little, “the sky is falling, and I must go and tell the king.”

“How do you know that the sky is falling, Chicken Little?” asked Henny Penny.

“I saw it with my eyes, I heard it with my ears, and a bit of it fell on my head,” said Chicken Little.

We’re having lots and lots of company this weekend for Davis’ bar mitzvah. So imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw the entire ceiling of our dining room sagging.

Not a little.

A lot.

Seems the toilet upstairs has been leaking.

Not a little, evidently.

A lot.

So we poked a hole and put a bucket down. I just hope the ceiling doesn’t fall.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Cross your fingers.

Oy vey.


7 thoughts on “The sky is falling.

  1. Oh Dang!! That is not the kind of surprise that is fun to get!

    Mazel Tov to Davis. Is that the right thing to say? How about just a hearty congratulations?



  2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. What timing! I hope your ceiling stays intact and the rest of the weekend goes smoothly for you.
    Mazel tov to Davis from us.

  3. Good luck! This happened to us once when we were away. We stopped the leak and miraculously, the vinyl paint on the ceiling stopped the whole thing collapsing and it just simply shrank back into place! I hope the same goes for you – at least until the celebrations are over!

  4. So we have a 6′ x 3′ hole in our ceiling. No one will notice!

    Thanks for all your great comments!

    And Kristin, I already spent my $4.20. It covered 3 minutes of our handyman!

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