Ceiling update.

Oh well. It’s just a ceiling. No one will notice, right?

I’m so excited for today. The bar mitzvah.

Last night we were surrounded by family and friends. We had a lovely dinner. Services were nice with the choir and our new prayer books.

And today.

Today, my son will read from the Torah.

Today, my son will be a man.

Well, a teenager kind of man. But I’m in the moment so whatever. I’m excited and proud. And dying for a cup of coffee.


13 thoughts on “Ceiling update.

  1. ceilings come and go, babe. this day will last forever. enjoy every minute. and don’t worry, he will still be your little guy for a few more years.

    then? watch out. it happens fast!

  2. Davis did a beautiful job! You and your family looked gorgeous, glowing! The rain from above, in your home and from Hanna, couldn’t change any of that! Enjoy every moment!!!!!
    Much love,

  3. Mazel Tov! I know this is an exciting day for you and your family. We will experience this (for the first time) when our little Jack “becomes a man”. Oy vey. (not bad for a gentile, eh?).

    We’ve been through the water/ceiling stuff. It’s true, you get over it, and then you actually laugh about it. It IS, after all, just a ceiling.

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