All I can do is smile. We were surrounded by family and friends this weekend as Davis became a bar mitzvah. It was perfect.

Who cares that he was sick? Or that Hurricane Hanna wreaked a bit of havoc and some people couldn’t make it. Or that our ceiling had some issues.

Or most importantly, that the liquor wasn’t delivered. (But we worked that out. We were motivated.)

I know I’m a bit of a sap, but having so many people who care with us was amazing. Some came from Nebraska, some from Maine, North Carolina, Indiana. Some from right around the corner. Each person who was there was special to us.

It wasn’t a huge fancy affair. It was a simple luncheon. And to me, it was perfect. Well, it would have been even more perfect if we could have had everyone we know there! But you know how it is, space, money….

To all of you who sent lovely messages and notes…you have no idea how much it means to me. Thank you.

I am smiling and beaming with pride.

And a bit relieved that it is over.


9 thoughts on “Smile.

  1. nothing like mitzvah afterglow. sounds like it was perfect (the not so perfect details aside).

    why do they always get sick at the most inconvenient times.

    your post mitzvah joy is proof that the details are just that – details. and the net of the experience is that feeling you get when you are surrounded by love.

    mazel tov x 10,000.

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