Pass it to your right.

I love a good yard sale. And today was our village’s annual yard sale day! So, I set my alarm to get up early. I wanted to have a cup of coffee and hit the road to get the best bargains.

Here’s what I bought:

  • cookie press – $.50
  • lava lamp – $.75
  • box of very cool blocks (on wheels) – can’t say. it’s a gift for one of my readers’ kids
  • Catcher in the Rye – $.10
  • 4 mysteries (for Andrew & Alice) – $1.50
  • Huge (and I mean huge) box of Lego – $10
  • can opener (for cat food!) – $.10
  • Camelback water thingy – $2
  • Farmers Almanac – free
  • Donut – $1 (for Reed)
  • GO (the game) – $4

And the amount of fun I had in the 2 hours we drove and walked around?


As much as I love this stuff, I will never forget this guy Glenn I used to know in New York who had what I thought was the very best idea. He said that every year, on some specified day, everyone – I mean everyone – should pass their junk to the right. You’d get new junk from your neighbor on the left.

What a great way to get rid of your stuff!

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Right?

Who’s game?


3 thoughts on “Pass it to your right.

  1. I just joined Anyone can have the junk that others post, as long as they pick it up. I gave away refrigerator water filters that were sent to us, but didn’t fit our fridge, and the company didn’t want them back. Someone got a great deal, that was worth nothing to us. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

  2. We’re having our community yard sale in two weeks. Rob wants to sell stuff, I want to buy stuff. I think we’re going to have to split up!

    I second the Freecycle recommendation. I was on it in Virginia and get some amazing things there.

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