Hint. Hint.

Andrew? If you’re reading this, look closely and you’ll find a few subtle hints regarding what I want for my birthday.

Okay, seriously. I know I can’t have this car. I know that I have 3 kids. I know, okay! But a girl can dream.

I have always loved Camaros. In college, I dated a guy with a car like this. It was primer-gray, not shiny red, but it was fast, fast, fast. The relationship didn’t last. I sure missed that car.

Sometimes I wonder how a Jewish girl from the suburbs loves motor-head cars, motorcycles and country music (Sugarland this coming weekend!!!). But whatevah. I am who I am.


6 thoughts on “Hint. Hint.

  1. Oooohhhhh…that IS a great car! I almost bought a bright royal blue one YEARS ago, but I ended up with a silver Capri instead. And IT was pretty cool, too. (It sunk up to the steering wheel in a Houston flood a long time ago…)

    Personally, I think you NEED one of those – hear THAT, Andrew?



  2. There is something awesome about a classic muscle car. Driving around my town is like driving around a car show. There are classic cars everywhere! Maybe you’ll get lucky this birthday.

  3. My first thought was ‘Um … black jeans??’

    Seriously, we now have a Z3. This is a serious luxury because I can’t take the dogs anywhere in it, so we have to run another car as well, but when OH retired, he fancied a convertible, and that’s the prettiest one on the road, if you ask me!

    I love the thing, and I’ve never been one for getting emotionally attached to cars.

  4. Gnightgirl – glad you like the shoes!

    Lord Celery – thanks for the plug. Not likely, I have to say.

    Cruisin Mom – I know! The good old days 🙂

    Melissa – I get lucky every birthday … oh – you meant….

    Jay – Hey! those jeans aren’t black! The hazards of a phone camera. A Z3 – wowie. Sounds fun!

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