Ever feel tired and uninspired?

For days now, I’ve wanted to post. But I’ve been exhausted. And honestly? I have had no ideas that were remotely appropriate for the blog.

I’ve been working hard. Pitching (and getting) some new business. Working on an exciting new offering with a colleague.

But it begs the question.

Do I really want more work?

Every weekend I soak up the family. Love the time to slow down. And then, on Monday, it’s back in the rat race.

Oh, speaking of rats…our cats caught a mouse today. A teensy (and admittedly cute) mouse. Andrew saved its little bitty life and took it outside.

And speaking of outside, the weather has finally turned. It’s crisp and wonderful. The doors and windows are open and I’m a little cold. How great is that?

Speaking of great, the Cabot Cheese blog is up. I love Cabot Cheese. Did you know they are a co-op owned by 1500 or so farmers? Many of their products are kosher. And all of them (at least all I’ve tasted!) are yummy.

Speaking of yummy, I made a Breton Apple Pie this weekend. Seriously, one of the best desserts I have ever baked. Highly recommended.

Speaking of recommending, I’ve been spending more time on Linked In. If I’m going to work on growing the biz, I’d better link up. I’ve answered some questions for colleagues and looked around a bit to see who knows whom. Fascinating stuff.

Speaking of fascinating stuff, I read an article today in the Wall Street Journal about Eliana Burki who plays the alpenhorn, a traditional Swiss instrument (really long instrument!) but in a new jazzy style. Here is a video.

So those are my thoughts of the day. No wonder I’m tired.

I’m hoping to get some rest and some inspiration and I’ll be back soon.

I feel a story brewing…

4 thoughts on “Ever feel tired and uninspired?

  1. Speaking of yummy recipes with Cabot cheese, we had a roasted, spicey pumpkin soup with Cabot cheddar. It was DELISIOUS! I’m going to make the apple pie. Yum!

  2. I can only imagine how much difficulty you have balancing the various aspects of your life. I have trouble doing this with only me and John to deal with – no kids. THAT’S hard enough.

    And I’ve come to appreciate LinkedIn myself – but it must be even more useful for something in your profession.


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