The weekend in pictures.


The room.

The bed.

The robes.

Komi. The restaurant.

Scallops two ways. One of fourteen mezzethekia.

The first wine. (Aside from the champagne.)

Parsnip potato gelato and hanger steak tartar. Another of the fourteen.

Slow roasted kastiaki for two.

Accompaniments for the kastiaki.

Inside the fortune cookies. From the chef.

The Bottom Line.

Dupont Circle Metro. Going out to eat. Again.

Who needs words?

Cute, huh? Such tourists!

Don’t even talk to me about the helmet.

The Supreme Court. Did you know there was a basketball court in the attic?

Home again.

There’s no place like home.

12 thoughts on “The weekend in pictures.

  1. Aaah – you did the Segway tour! I wanted to, but I was sick when I was there last and didn’t have the energy! My son did though and he loved it!

    I’ll do it next time! I really like DC – it’s a lovely city.

  2. Jay – yes it was so fun! I like DC too – call next time you come over this way! (We don’t live far away)

    Amy – the robes were so cozy! The helmets? Not cozy.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Wendy and Andrew. Looks like that was a wonderful weekend. I actually think you both look ok in those helmets. I’ll never have someone take a picture of ME in one. Ask Kristin!

  4. Those photos are completely adorable (and the food? yummmmmm…). But the Segway tour? Adorable, but a little bit embarrassing. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

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