Peas. Pods.

Sitting in the Wedgewood Farms Family Restaurant in Burlington, NJ the other day. We had a really good, simple meal that we thought was a great value. I was curious and looked it up when we got back. I found these reviews:

  • Wedgewood has been around for 25 years, it is never really crowded so you can always get a quick seat and it’s located right off 295 and Route 541 so the located is good too. The food and service wasn’t that good on a recent visit there.
  • We had not eaten at the Wedgewood in ages and after tonight my wife and I remember why. The service was extremely slow (“I almost forgot about you”), the food was poor…

So you can’t wait to hightail it up to Burlington, NJ and check it out, right? Well, bad reviews aside, their pancakes were fantastic. As good as they get.

But this is not why I brought up the restaurant. I brought it up because when our beehived waitress came over to take our drink order (2 lemonades, 1 water, 1 iced tea & 1 diet coke), she said, “Oh my goodness. Your sons look exactly the same. It’s amazing how much they look alike!” And then she smiled and kind of giggled.

So you know what I think is weird about that?

I don’t mean the hair.

Two things are really baffling.

  1. Why would it be so shocking to have brothers look alike?
  2. And why don’t I see it?

And by not see it, I mean I do not think my sons look all that much alike. I know they must, because I hear it constantly. But I swear to you, they do not look the same to me at all.

And why does anyone care? I can barely imagine how annoying it would be to be twins’ or triplets’ moms commenting with the same ole’ comment yet again. Whoo hoo. Smile politely.

But I digress.

My boys: Davis looks exactly like Andrew did at his age. Reed looks exactly like I did – aside from the haircut. And Max? He does have some of each. So if they look the same, does that mean Andrew and I look the same. But anyway,

Really this was an academic question. Maybe one of you knows something about ocular perception. Is there something about how each of us sees that makes us really see something different or do we just all see things with different attention to detail and depth? For instance, when you see a stranger, is the glance so superficial that you miss most? And we look so deeply at our children that we notice every pore and freckle?

And this doesn’t even touch on what I think about regarding why someone feels the need to comment on a stranger’s (or strangers’) appearance in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Peas. Pods.

  1. Well, people just do comment. I do it myself. I went up to a perfect stranger today and told her how cute her dog was!

    As to your boys looking alike, I think you’re right. People see different things when they look at someone, partly because different people pay attention to different things. Some notice eyes, some notice mouths, some notice gestures and expressions – and I’m guessing that maybe that’s where your boys are most similar.

  2. My mom has three girls. She doesn’t think we look alike and I have to agree. We have the same color hair, and that’s about it. For twenty years she’s been saying she doesn’t see the resemblance when people comment on it. I think it is just about that one similar feature that makes people comment. Or maybe they just feel like they need something to say.

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