It wasn’t that long ago.

I was talking to a friend of mine (Megan, you know who you are!) about potty training. It ain’t easy, as we all know. But it got me to thinking. It seems like yesterday.

OMG. I sound ancient, don’t I?

But seriously, the time goes so fast. I remember when Davis told me, “Mom, from now on I want to wear underwear.” And he did. From then on. And I remember how I thought that was how it would be for all future children.


But seriously, it is so strange how time flies.

And maybe I shouldn’t have posted this adorable picture. But I just couldn’t help it.

So shoot me.


3 thoughts on “It wasn’t that long ago.

  1. How cute is that picture? Love the underwear. I with Finley would tell me she wanted to wear underwear. Sigh… Here’s hopin’.

  2. Oh! Can I? Can I post underwear pix of my kid? Please?

    This takes me back. We worked with the potty training until I just put my kid in underpants, and said “Don’t pee the bed, ok?”

    He didn’t.

    And now he goes commando.


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