On the way home from the candy tour I saw a sign for ‘Estuary Center’ and, being a little geeky, I asked Andrew to turn down the side road and head toward it. Since it was rainy and we were already a little sick from the candy and other sundry eating of the day (We had followed part of the Washington Post Candy Tour Road Trip) to say that the boys were reluctant to have an educational experience would be an understatement.

But we stopped anyway. We told them they could wait in the car, but they followed us in. Seems we were the only visitors of the day and boy did we get some attention! There were some great exhibits and it was interesting, but the outdoor views were the best.

Is it just me that thinks it’s odd that there is an estuary center in the first place? Evidently, it’s a big research place – pretty interesting stuff studied there. Plus some trails and canoe/kayak launches and more. Note to self: stop back on a nice day!

One thought on “Detour.

  1. I love finding treasureable places off the beaten path. I also love that the boys “whined” about the Estuary, but opted NOT to sit in the car while you went off to have some fun. Brilliant!

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