We love to geocache and it’s a great excuse to be together outside, getting some exercise and away from technology.

If you’ve never been, you no longer need to invest in an expensive handheld GPS device – you can download a free application for your iPhone, if you have one. Now I can justify the phone. Okay, not really. But I do love it just the same.

We end up finding backroads that we’d have never found otherwise. Isn’t this pretty?

See Max and Andrew down there? It was a challenging cache and a tough climb! Max spotted the prize. He’s quite the pointer!

We found so much quartz – seriously tons of it – near the Liberty Dam. Really cool.

2 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. you absolutely have the best weekends ever. i miss those family weekends when the kids would hang with us. now it is all soccer all the time. and soon that will end. i guess i need to get my own friends, huh?

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