Who me?

Halloween is right around the corner. In about 97 hours, the little goblins will be coming by and ringing my doorbell for candy.

So obviously, we have to be prepared. Andrew brought the bags and bags of candy home yesterday. (Last year, we had over 300 kids.)

The boys came home from school today and noticed that one of the bags of candy was opened.

“Mom? What happened? The candy bag is open.”

I said, “Your father has no self-control.”

They are still on the floor laughing.

(And I’m rearranging the trash in the can under my desk so you don’t see the wrappers.)

2 thoughts on “Who me?

  1. LOL! I moved the lollypops AWAY from my line of vision.

    I’ve been waiting for days for your Halloween post because I know how much you love Halloween!

  2. Rearranging the trash? You have to double-bag those wrappers, or wrap them in tin foil or something!

    And 300 Trick or treaters?!! I live in an area that consists mostly of retired neighbors (condo), BUT there’s a private school across the street from me with kids from ages 2 to 15…and I’ve never had a trick-or-treater. Still…must have candy, just in case…

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