My favorite night of the year.

Let me start by saying that there is one thing I absolutely love about the ad above is the shoes. Aren’t they awesome? Though I think I’d like them better without the blood. But that’s just me.

Halloween merchandising is over. That is another great thing about today. Yay. See, all you people out there who asked me today why I haven’t posted yet about how much I HATE Halloween? I’ve been busy thinking of things I like about this particular night of the year. Here is my list:

1) Candy. I do love candy. I hate kids coming to the door begging for it. I hate that my kids wander the streets for it and how much they get. But in and of itself? I love candy.

2) Like I wrote above – I love that the frenzy ends tonight. No more screeching crap in stores and overpriced displays. Yay.

3) The neighborhood teenagers are friendly for a night. Go figure.

4) Dinner is usually really easy and casual. The reason is so there’s plenty of room for candy and so the kids can leave the house, but I love a soup and salad kind of dinner.

5) Candy. Oh wait, I said that.

6) And I confess that I do love the little princess costumes. But don’t tell anyone, please.

Try as I might, I can’t think of anything else. Except maybe that it’s nice to see my boys so happy when they spread the candy out on the living room floor and assess the loot. And I do enjoy seeing them sort the candy by type and size. I love organized shit.

In fact, The Container Store has nothing on us. Sort by color. By size, shape, texture. Chocolate vs. not. It’s just not natural.

Some therapists are going to have a field day some day.

Happy F*&!ing Halloween.


6 thoughts on “My favorite night of the year.

  1. Wendy, my little kindred buddy! Love the post. Hate Halloween. We had 0, that’s right, zero, none, not even one trick-or-treater. Everyone around here had their lights OFF! Too funny. Seems like everyone is sick of this f*&cking holiday! Yeah, the princesses are cute, but that’s about it. Enjoy the stash, but let’s not hear you blogging about your thighs in a few weeks!

  2. I just do not get Halloween. I mean, OK, I’m English and all, so to a certain extent that’s to be expected, I suppose, but I here’s a couple of things I don’t understand.

    One, why are parents suddenly happy for their children to go around knocking on stranger’s doors and begging?

    Two, why do Christians tolerate it?

    The second questions stems from honest bewilderment. It’s not meant to be inflammatory, I simply don’t understand. Here in the UK, many committed Christians, especially those from the newer churches, condemn anything which smacks of the supernatural. But Halloween is okay for some reason?

    Can you explain those things to me?

    Oh, yeah. And pumpkins. What’s with the pumpkins?

  3. This is my favorite Wendy post of the year! I don’t even want to know what that chick in the ad is holding in her left hand. Is that someone’s spine?

    Happy Friggin’ Halloween indeed!

  4. Yay! The Halloween post. And love maevan07’s question about the spine. Agree – nice shoes; nicer without the blood.

    I sat on R’s porch last night drinking wine and eating soup. We got about 10 kids. A few drive bys – honestly, parents drive them down the street so they can hit one or two houses. What happened to going out with your peers and hitting the hoods one by one? In any case, it’s over. Next time you walk in that store though? Christmas displays!

  5. ok. i feel the need to defend halloween here. things i love:
    1. candy
    2. candy (oh i said that)
    3. art school on halloween was the best
    4. all the girls (and women) for that matter who feel the need to dress slutty. it is a good day to confirm who you do and don’t want to be friends with (and sleep with if you are a guy)
    5. the cute little kid trick or treaters
    6. elementary school halloween parades (although I have not been to one in years)
    7. my favorite little 3 year old neighbor dresses as a monkey sitting at the bottom of my stairs waiting for my son to get out of the shower to show him his costume. awww….

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