Looks can be deceiving.

He looks like a nice guy, no?

Well, I’m here to tell you that is not so. This is Cyrus.

And while he may be the best personal trainer around, I was not excited to see him this morning at o-dark-thirty.

Would you have been? I mean, seriously.

Top it off with a wicked hard workout.



7 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving.

  1. Actually, he always looks sullen. And you, like multiples of tens of your friends, worship the ground this guy walks on. Cyrus has a fan club like no other trainer I’ve ever met or heard up. He’s a legend…

  2. yeh, well being up at the same o-darky-thirty today i can say that my dog/personal trainer was a much sweeter vision. only problem was all the mud she was covered with leading me to have to give her a bath.

    you didn’t bathe the trainer, did you?

  3. Doesn’t matter the time you see Cyrus. He always has that sullen look. However, for the hour you are there it is the best workout/therapy/advice/laugh session around. And the benefits speak for themselves…his clients look AWESOME!!!

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