In the garage.

I have a story about my garage. Thought I’d find a nice little quote or something about a garage and then go straight into the tale du jour.

And I found this Weezer song.

And I got all distracted. But I’m okay now.

Oh wait! Should’ve just done this one!

Okay, seriously. I’m back.

My BFF was in town for several days. We had great meals, shopped, drove to DC, back, to Baltimore, back, to DC, back, to Baltimore, back. I am not kidding.

We talked and talked. Hung out. And then this morning, I happened to mention that Andrew wanted the garage clean and I so did not want to deal with it. And that’s when she said,

“I’ll help you. Let’s do it now.”

Okay, I should mention that she actually likes to do that stuff. Her garage is a work of art and every drawer and cabinet and closet in her house is enviable.

But how could I possible accept an offer to delve into my worst organizational nightmare? On her vacation? So I did what any decent friend would do.

I changed into sweats and sneakers.

It was amazing. She directed (ordered?) and I obeyed. We emptied the entire garage. Every shelf, every can, every tool. She washed the floor with Mr. Clean (okay, have you ever, I mean ever, washed your garage floor???). And then, we put everything back in.

By category. By shelf. In containers. Marked.

And we threw some stuff out. Not that much, but some.

We hung the bikes up and….


A beautiful, clean garage.

And it’s mine. All mine. Bwah ahahaha.

Sorry, lost my self for a second there.

I’m grateful for the help. And even more grateful for the time together. It’s never enough, but it’s always great.


9 thoughts on “In the garage.

  1. Wow – now THAT’S a friend. We all need people in our lives that would help us clean our garage. Or, in my case, pick nits out of my hair (thank you, my RFO sister-in-law!!) 🙂
    Glad you had time with your friend!

  2. Ezer – yes, we all need people like that!

    Wordbones – thanks for commenting – Zappa in the morning is a treat, I agree!

    Kristin – nope. mine. all mine.

  3. oh to have a little zappa in the morning!! now all i want to do is clean the damn garage! hey soccer season is over, maybe i could pay the little hormone to help me this weekend

  4. Janet – a trip to the UK may be enough incentive!

    Gnightgirl – sounds like a plan. I bet she’d be great at it! (I’ll be her manager 🙂

    Amy – Zappa in da mornin’ – it’s a great thing. It’s a tough sell – getting help with garage cleaning – but good luck!

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