And so it begins.

Basketball season. Sigh. I have a love/hate relationship with the boys’ basketball season.

Do I love that they are learning new skills, improving their games, learning to work better with a team? Well of course I do. What kind of mother would I be if…. forget that. Let’s move on.

Do I love going out in the pitch black, cold of night to take them to practice on the other side of the county? Not so much. Or juggling the game schedule with our already busy lives? Well?

But all that aside, I absolutely kvell when I see my babies running and dribbling with red faces and sweaty shirts and that intense look of effort and competitiveness. Crazy?

I don’t know. I think it’s good to want to be better. To want to win. To play hard as you can. To try. that’s what it is. I love seeing them TRY. So. Damn. Hard.

My guys have a pretty cushy life. They do their homework, classwork, and the like. They have chores around the house (more than most, I think) but still, it is hardly a prison sentence. They have lots of creature comforts, a loving home, gourmet meals (thanks to Andrew).

So watching them work hard for something is really nice. I want them to grow into the kind of men that work hard for what they want while maintaining the appropriate behavior and respect of those around them.

Kind of like basketball.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. oh how i love/hated basketball season. both my son and daughter played. they were in a church league and this jew saw more churches in those years than most see in a lifetime.

    being height challenged she could not play past 8th grade and he has decided to sit this year out on varsity (taller but not tall enough for this 11th grader to start on varsity).

    not gonna lie, i will miss it.

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