Do you know what this means?


This is the last child-safety plug in our house. I didn’t even realize we still had any until I set up the Aerobed in the basement for Max over the holiday weekend.

Today, Amy talked about how having an overloaded laundry basket was way worth it to have her daughter home for the holiday. I can’t imagine those days. (And I can’t imagine not hating laundry, either.)

I’m still walking past the bin of Brio trains wondering when the boys stopped playing with them. I still get excited when they start a Lego project together.

I love the kids big. Well, big is a relative term, I know.

I love them bigger. They’re interesting and fun and great to talk to. But I miss having my little cuddle bunnies.

And, aside from Reed on occasion, it’s really weird that I no longer have to worry about anyone putting his fingers or metal objects in the sockets.


4 thoughts on “Do you know what this means?

  1. I must be missing babies too. After spending the afternoon with a friend and her 6 year old son, last weekend, I dreamed that I had accidentally left a baby with my ex husband when we got divorced. I just remembered I had a kid, and went back to get him. I then accused the ex of being a terrible dad for not potty training MY kid in the 4 years I was gone. (The terrible Mom thing escaped me; hey, It was my dream!)

    Anyway, I was very happy to have my dream baby back, and I did wake up thinking about when Brian was litttttttttttttle. Awwww…

    And your fingers-in-the-sockets worries will be replaced with bigger and betters ones. I can hardly wait to read about your boys’ driving permits…

  2. gnightgirl, that dream was hysterical (oops i left the baby on the bus)

    just rolling up the last of the aerobeds, waiting for my daughter’s flight to land. when she left this morning she asked for a ‘free’ bed making day which is what we used to a call a pass for having to make your bed.

    funny, i don’t believe she made it the whole 4 days she was home, and it did not bother me one bit!

    wendy, we were just talking about brio trains yesterday. i swear i could pay a few months mortgage with what we had in brio (i loved the brigde)

  3. I feel like every milestone Trey meets is that confusing but joyous clashing- the bittersweet of seeing them grow and move on but missing the cuddly tenderness of the little ones.

    I just figure I’ll have to hold out until grandkids come my way (although having seen my newborn baby nephew for a week and a half, those rose colored glasses were pretty clear!)


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