So this is odd.


I downloaded my photos from the biker holiday party and this was on it. Why, oh, why would I have taken this? Maybe I thought myself an artiste that day. Or maybe there was something in the road that got away.

I have no clue.

But I do know why I took this:


Such spirit. (It was a Chanukah party, by the way. It’s a Jewish motorcycle club. Lonsmen. Some of you might recall that Andrew used to be in a different club. That, my friends, is a long story. For another day.)

So here are a few more snaps from the party.


This guy makes his own gefilte fish. I am not kidding you. They call him Rabbi.


There you see Andrew. Two drinks? Hmmm…..


Watching karaoke? Nah, must be the slide show. There was hooting and hollering during the karaoke!


There we go. Some singing!

I didn’t take many pix – having too much fun.

And if anyone ever figures out the significance of that street up there, let me know. I’m baffled.


4 thoughts on “So this is odd.

  1. One: Jewish people always had it right. Low-key. Don’t get caught up in the Christmas stuff!

    Two: Do you mean to tell us that Andrew is no longer an S.O.B?

    Three: That street? Probably just clicked on the camera by mistake.

  2. Hey Paula! Well, sometime Jewish people get caught up too… we try to stay low-key fo sho!
    Yup, Andrew is no longer and SOB. It’s a long and sad story of power and mutiny. It’d make a great book. Hey, that’s an idea!

  3. Yep…mutiny and power. Hope jew’re well.

    P.S. If you write that book, better make it charitable or Andrew will take back his contribution (well…maybe not for you). đŸ™‚

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