Search terms.

I always laugh when people post the search terms that lead people to their blogs. Amy does this sometimes and I have trouble containing myself.

Today, I looked. And these were the top searches for this blog:

creamsicle fudgesicle popsicle picture
meagan good tight jeans
skinny girls are for wimps
atomic fireball
boys smell feet
vegas food blog
blog spanx
beet balls

Skinny girls are for wimps? Meagan good tight jeans? That’s funny! I get the beets and the smelly boys feet. That’s my life.

But I digress.

Really I wanted to write about learning. If you know me, you know I’m a business researcher. I know how to look up and dig for information. But sometimes you don’t know how to start, what you don’t know, or how to find it.

And that, my friends, is what my winter vacation has been about. Trying to learn about something that I thought I understood but didn’t really understand. It’s hard when something seems so reasonable and logical and real just to find out that it doesn’t work that way. And to top it off, the people who do understand this esoteric shit don’t even use real words to talk about it so there’s no way to learn it short of asking someone who knows. And by the way? It’s hard to find out who really does know. Because online everyone looks like an expert.

Remember the old comic?


Now, I’m off to have a weekend.


3 thoughts on “Search terms.

  1. I’m sorry – it sounds frustrating. I SO know about that. Finding quality and reliable info online is so hit or miss. But truthfully, trying to find info from real people is hit or miss. Everyone has their biases and perceptions, and it is hard to get even the experts to look outside the box.

  2. I LOVE search terms, and watch out cuz this month’s post is coming up and it is funny.

    wendy, everyone knows that skinny girls are for wimps. or i wish they did.

    the expert thing is so right on. (love the comic) it his hard to sift through the BS sometimes, that is when I call on you ; )

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