My new research project.

So we’ve all seen the commercials for Hanes’ new ‘no ride up‘ panties. (Doesn’t the word panties sound so dirty?)

Anyway, so I couldn’t not help myself. I had to do the research myself.

I ordered a 6-pack.

I’ve been wearing them for three days now.

No, not the same pair. Stop that. Three different pairs.

And you know what?


I am not kidding you. They don’t.

How, on earth, do they work? What is the magic all about? How did Hanes overcome the dreaded wedgie?

I have no idea.

But I can tell you that these have become my favs.

If this is too much info for you, sorry. But I could not help but share the joy for those of you who might be suffering.

Life is too short for wedgies.

Peace out.


3 thoughts on “My new research project.

  1. We took to saying “pankies” years ago, when a friend tutored an a cute Asian woman in English, who could not wrap her mouth around the word “pants,” and said “panks,” instead. There. Now it’s cute, and not dirty.

    I have to try these now too. Do you have to order them, or can I just go to WallyWorld (I know, I hate that place too) and throw a pack in the cart?

  2. Really? This sounds like one of those urban myths that is just to good to be true. The panties that don’t ride up. Do they still work after washings?

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