Take a deep breath.

I’m always busy.

That doesn’t mean I always have a lot that needs to be done, but it does mean that I don’t do idle time all that well. So I keep myself busy. I have lots of extracurricular activities offline – like NCJW and exercise and school volunteering and poker and mahj – and online like blogging and Twitter and Facebook and, well…. you get the point.

I find many of those things relaxing. But still, they are not doing nothing. They are doing something.

I think I need to add some nothing into my life.

But when? And will my family have scheduled nothing time at the same time as my nothing time? That concerns me. Because I’d rather do nothing with them than nothing without them.

But wait. Is it still nothing if it’s with my family?

And does anyone else find it a little ironic that I could be doing nothing RIGHT THIS MINUTE but instead I’m blogging about deciding to do nothing? I feel like I’m trapped in a Seinfeld episode. No, not Seinfeld. More like a Food Network show. Because while I’m typing this, my pasta is resting. (I’m making ravioli as an accompaniment to dinner tonight.)

I was listening to music while I was kneading the pasta. It’s not that I mind the silence but I mind the background sounds sometimes. So even doing the one thing that relaxes me the most – kneading – I was doing something else, too.

So my resolution for 2009?


I hope it lasts until tomorrow.


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