I see you in the crazy clouds

Wonder if you ever wonder

What happened to me

I have a happy life

A husband who adores me

Three sons to be proud of

Wonder if you’re sorry

That you left me with such abandon

For a girl who didn’t love you

When I’d have given you the moon

I wonder if you knew

What you gave up when you gave me up

A woman who could have made your world


Do I wonder what my life would be

If we hadn’t split that day

Sometimes but not often

But I wish the best for you

I always did

I always will

You were a turning point for me

The first real man that loved me

The first real man I loved


3 thoughts on “

  1. I honestly think most all of us wonder that about someone in our dating past. Some go on to actually find out and discover that the wonder is far better than the reality.

    No doubt at all, his loss.

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