Move over.

Looks harmless, right?

Well, ask the 16 year old version of me and I’d say, “not so much.” You see, a UPS truck hit me back then. I was driving my mother’s Volvo. (sorry, Mom.)

I still contend it was not my fault. Unfortunately, no one else in the universe agreed. And I mean no one. But answer me this. If there is a suburban road and not enough room for a Volvo and a UPS truck to go past each other, who can go? I say, the one who’s lane is clear. My lane was clear. The UPS truck was smack dab in the middle of the road. His tire tracks proved it. So I say, he hit me. I was right where I was supposed to be. He wasn’t.

I’ve matured a little. At least enough to know that the bigger guy has the right of way even if he doesn’t.

And I haven’t had an accident or a ticket since I was 16. Grant it, I did have another accident at 16 after the UPS incident. It was my fault – inexperience on wet roads. And it was serious. What they say about Volvos doing that accordion thing? It’s true. And yes, it’s also true that I gave my license back to the DMV until I was 21. (it’s not like I was a prize for insurance companies at this point.)

But since I was 21 (and that’s a long time), I have not had a moving violation or an accident.

And that includes the UPS truck the other day.

Here he came, barreling down the road in my neighborhood. I was in my minivan. He was smack dab in the middle of the road.

This was some serious deja vu. Only difference was the roads were not snow-covered this time. (Did I mention the snow before? Hmmm. I think I forgot to mention that.)

So here comes this truck. I had the urge to hold my ground. Make him go around me. Or at least get out of my way. It was my turn to win this fight. But, I didn’t.

I was a wuss. I pulled over and smiled and waved as he drove by.

It’s not that I thought he should have the right of way. It’s not that I thought he was a great driver. It’s not even that I was being polite.

It’s just that I was hoping he was going to my house to bring my my new Wicked Good Scuffs and I didn’t want to hold him up.

Because my feet have been so darn cold.


3 thoughts on “Move over.

  1. As soon as I saw the picture of that truck, I knew I was going for a drive down memory lane. I still feel partially to blame — just a little. I mean, if I hadn’t stayed home sick from school, you wouldn’t have put your kind-hearted self in the path of that UPS truck to visit me after school in the first place. (I always knew it wasn’t your fault.)
    Hope you love the scuffs!

  2. Always make way for the guy that’s bringing goodies to your house. Those slippers look great, I swear, I was so cold last night that I’d have worn those in bed.

    I’ve had one speeding ticket in my driving career, and I was trapped. Trapped, I say! Entering a small town off of the highway, I failed to reduce my speed soon enough. I went to traffic school (traffic jail, I called it).

    I made a new friend, and we still give each other sh** when we see each other downtown, yelling “learn to drive!” to each other…even though it’s been 10 years since we were in traffic jail for 4 hours together.

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