Business travel

It sounds so luxurious to travel alone to another city, stay in a fancy hotel…alone.

Sure, I have a fabulous room (with great pillows and linens) and sure I had dinner with a wonderful friend and her husband. But the truth is…

It’s lonely.

Maybe it’s because I love kissing my boys goodnight. Maybe it’s because I love the hour or so that I get alone with Andrew after the kids are asleep before I fall asleep on the chaise. And maybe it’s because I love being home.

The traveling itself went perfectly. When I checked in, I got a little work done and went to the bar for a Knob Creek bourbon. It feels so odd being in a hotel bar with groups of businesspeople who are laughing and sharing stories. I sat there checking my email. And twitter.

And now, back in my room, I have everything I could need. Internet access. An inviting bed. Control of the television. And yet…

I used to love this. What happened? I am excited for my meetings tomorrow. But I wish I was…



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