Did you know that even upscale hotels have stopped serving free coffee in the morning? Sigh.

But there was a Starbucks in the upper lobby, so I went on up. Not that I wanted to spend $3 on a cup, but no big deal.

Except it was $3 and serve yourself.

And it wasn’t all that good.


One thought on “Coffee

  1. Upscale hotels, though nicer rooms & beds, always seem to offer less free perks than inexpensive chain places. It irritates me when a $150+/night hotel charges an additional $10/day for WiFi, when every single LaQuinta Inn/Motel 6/Redroof Inn, etc. all manage to provide it free of cost.

    I have a narrow, Black & Decker, 1-cup coffee machine that I’ve slipped into my luggage a few times, when I know I’ll be staying in a “swanky” hotel for 4 days or so. Sounds bothersome, I know, but it is so worth it to have a good cup of my own coffee in the morning, or when I come crawling in after 12 hours of sight-seeing, shopping, or running the streets.

    So. Did you leave a tip for your self-serve coffee?

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