My thoughts on productivity.

  • When the kids are home 3-1/2 days of a 5 day week, something has to give.
  • Working until 11:00 pm is not the answer.
  • How did all this laundry get dirty?
  • I guess today is the day to take a shower.
  • I’ll just get up early again tomorrow. I can finally try to catch up.
  • Oh, wait. i have a meeting at 6;30 (Cyrus),  8:45 (Spelling Bee), 11:30 (Colleague), 12;30 (Client).

Maybe there is no such thing as catching up. This is it. This is life. it’s just busy. Roll with it. Let some stuff go. Enjoy the important things.

It’s okay if everything isn’t perfect.

Easy to say. Hard to do.


5 thoughts on “My thoughts on productivity.

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