*not her real name, the names have been changed to protect her innocence.

Cath is the cool girl in the game. She’s funny and irreverent. And I’ve learned a lot of great new things from her.

Maybe she knows cool stuff because she has teenage sons. Or maybe, she’s just cool.

I started this post thinking I was going to share the insights I’ve gotten from her, but no. I will not be posting them here. For 2 reasons. 1) I don’t want to embarrass her, and 2) because my niece reads this blog and she is definitely not old enough to read what I’ve learned from Cath!

But will I will talk about here is that we were all set. We had a nice game planned . We all knew each other and life was good. And then someone invited this Cath girl into the game. Everyone knew her except me and one other player. I felt insecure.

Ugh. To be the one that isn’t quite in. I knew what that was. And here I was going right back in.


To my surprise, it wasn’t like that at all. She was great. And we were all instant friends.

So learning those dirty sayings and teenage behaviors is a fantastic bonus, but the best part of having Cath in the game is….

having Cath in the game.


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