I figured it out.

I’ve been stressed out lately. Working my butt off. Trying to keep up with my life.

I forgot to register my guys for camp. The laundry (I might have mentioned before) is a mess. It’s pouring out of the hamper on to the floor.

But tonight, I walked away.

And I spent the night playing poker with my friends. Chick poker. This particular game started in 2002. We’ve played continuously since then, though a few players moved away and a few new ones joined.

But it’s a wonderful, tight-knit group.

Sometimes, I barely see any of them in between games. But it doesn’t matter. Because the minute we’re all back together it’s like it was yesterday. And the stress and the day and the week fall away.


3 thoughts on “I figured it out.

  1. I am always amazed at the way time never passes when it comes to good friends. It is the same today, yesterday and a hundred years from one. I think it really is one of life’s miracles.

  2. This is really true, and easy to forget-it’s like the more irrelevant people become to our day to day lives, the more sustaining they are to our inner lives.

    Probably explains the “danger” of Facebook…

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