The bathrobe.

So I’m driving this morning after getting my 10 year old on the bus this morning and I passed another bus stop. Two moms were there. One wearing pajamas and a big fuzzy robe and slippers.

I’m all for comfort. Really, I am.

But this made me laugh. Not because I thought she looked odd, though she did.

I laughed thinking how embarrassed my kids would be if I did that.

I give the mom credit for not caring. Maybe deep down, I wished I was that confident.


3 thoughts on “The bathrobe.

  1. I so do that. It doesn’t bother my step-kids, but I think that is because I’m not actually their mother. There is no way I’m getting dressed 6:00 am to drop them off for a game.

  2. Takes me back to being a little kid when most of the moms in the neighborhood were SAHMs; I remember them crossing the street still in PJs, rollers in their hair and visiting after getting kids off to school. Oh, and it it was BYOC: Bring your own coffee cup.

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