iPods, mysteries and drool

We have been on vacation for 12 hours and 13 minutes and already I have so many stories in my head! I could share the photo of Andrew sleeping in the passenger seat – drool and all. I could tell you about the car breaking down in the first 2 hours and what we ate (I still have indigestion) while we waited for it to be road- ready again.

But I’m goingvto close my eyes and feel the road. I’m going to listen to the boys watch a movie, Andrew’s quiet music andcthe sounds of the road.

And I’m going to smile thinking of the glorious week ahead with my four guys.


2 thoughts on “iPods, mysteries and drool

  1. Have a great time, wherever you are going.

    Where *are* you going?

    We’re just hanging out here. We will hit the zoo, see Monsters Vs Aliens in 3-D and go do Splashdown.

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