Gimme the beat boys….

What a great day! We left our friend’s chichi Miami Beach digs this morning and headed up the coast on a wild goose chase.

I wanted to have lunch at this cute little place Andrew and I went to on our honeymoon. They made oyster stew at the bar as you watched. It was so memorable that we wanted to take the boys.


We couldn’t remember the name.

Or the city.

But we could picture it. In 1993-vision.

I called several chambers of commerce. No luck. We drove around West Palm Beach. No luck.

It’s not as if this was a lark. Intermittantly, we’ve searched online and read the Chow boards trying to identify the place.

Brokenhearted, we continued on our way.

We are going to Universal tomorrow, and had no real Orlando plans mapped out for today.

I know. Shocking.

We read about Kelly Park, Rock Springs and it sounded perfect. It’s a natural spring with lazy tubing and a beautiful swimming area.

Lovely! (though the beware of alligators sign did freak me out a little.)

We broke into song, Gimme the beat boys and free my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.

And we did. Drift away, that is.


4 thoughts on “Gimme the beat boys….

  1. Well, good thing you’re researchers so you were able to find the place!! So glad you’ve been having a wonderful time.

  2. I wish I had known before you left Miami. My best friend is a chef down there. I bet she can tell you where it is. Email me all the details you remember and I ask her.

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