From the mouths of babes….

Max and I have 45 minutes alone together every morning after his brothers leave for school and before he needs to leave. Until recently, it’s been a really nice time of the day. But lately, I’ve been working so hard that I sit at the computer while he eats and reads the paper.

This morning, he said, “Mom, your horoscope sounds like you today.”

Honestly? I was jamming on a project and he barely registered. But somehow, in my stupor, I got up and went to see.

He read to me,

“Libra: You certainly expect a lot of yourself these days. Ease up on the long list of demands you’ve been making on yourself. Perhaps you don’t have to the best at every endeavor.”


3 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes….

  1. Wow. Right on point, and not just for you but for many of us. Nice to know that your kids recognize how hard you work. Kudos to Max for picking up on that.

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