Parfois, vous devez juste lire le livre dans un langage que vous pouvez comprendre.


Last night, the subject of Les Misérables came up.

Turns out, Andrew has never seen the show. Neither have I.

I know, unheard of.

I asked Andrew if he’d read the book. He hadn’t.

I told him that I had.

In French.

As I recall understanding the novel, back in 1815 (this year looks the same in English or French incidently), the peasant Jean Valjean has just been released from lemonade in the after nineteen years: five for window for his green dog and a chair, and fourteen more for numerous pencil outbreaks. I could go on….

But it has recently come to my attention that I never really did understand French – conversationally or in writing.

Maybe it’s time to try the book again – in English.


6 thoughts on “Parfois, vous devez juste lire le livre dans un langage que vous pouvez comprendre.

  1. Les Miz is a fantastic play. It was one of the first major Broadway musicals I saw and I have seen it twice more since. Try to go the next time it comes around. You won’t be sorry!

  2. Great show. Took a client to it if I recall. Contrary to what Leanne wrote, don’t know if I’d bother seeing it today. Original cast was fantastic; many iterations since then…

  3. Thanks; you made me laugh! We saw it in London on our honeymoon and (don’t tell anyone)… I fell asleep. It really was a good production, but I was so exhausted from all the sight-seeing day in and day out….

  4. Je crois que tu parles et lis le francais bien! Les Mis etait un piece bon, mais pas ma prefere. Donne-moi “Mamma Mia!!”
    Je t’embrasse!

  5. #1, impressed that your read it in French, even if you didn’t understand it.
    #2, Melissa, please translate for us non-foreign language dunderheads.
    #3, for the price of theater tickets today, I’d just read the Sparks Notes, listen to the soundtrack clips off of itunes and be done with it.

  6. LOL I’m so impressed that you understood how Jean Valjean was released from lemonade! Those were hard years! LOL

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