What could this mean?


Andrew went to Outdoor Ed with the 6th graders, so I had the bed to myself last night. It was a nice change of pace, but I missed him.

Fortunately, he was in my dream.

And a crazy dream it was.

We had picked up and moved to a small town. I got this job at the only large company around.

So there I was in a conference room with a bunch of suits and I spoke up about something. I don’t remember what, and I don’t think it’s important. But who knows? At any rate, this one woman started screaming at me. Oddly, she looked just like a woman I saw on a video blog the other day. (It was actually a very good video and the woman in it seemed pretty normal, albeit wildly stressed out.)

So I’m in this meeting and listened to everybody kind of ramble on and that woman got so angry because I didn’t know what a certain kind of doll was (evidently, they had been made since the 1920’s and have been making them ever since, according to her, and when she showed me one, I knew what it was because I have one just like it from my mom.)

So everybody in this company was demanding and crazy. Seriously. I had to go research something as a follow up to the meeting. I walked into a huge room – it was a 3-story library. Think A Series of Unfortunate Events. The library in that old house? Anyway, I got on this huge 3-story ladder to get some papers from way up high and couldn’t reach it and ended up swinging from a rope to another tiny ledge to try to reach it. Andrew was there. That woman was there. She was laughing. He was worried. It was odd.

But oddly enough, it got weirder.

Andrew and I were so appalled by the place, we decided to go out for lunch. We drove to the harbor. There were fishing boats all around and there was a concrete area by the water where people were diving in to play with the sea lions.

You heard me. Sea lions.

I sat down on the concrete and a sea lion jumped out of the water and snuggled next to me begging to be pet. So, I pet him for a long, long time. And he purred.

And then, I woke up.


One thought on “What could this mean?

  1. OK, here goes– wouldn’t normally go here, but someone did this for me recently, and it kinda helped me sort things out.
    And with all my years of reading Tarot cards, can’t resist…

    You, of course are all of the characters in your dream, as in any dream.
    The searching, ladder climbing, rope swinging Wendy is the main you, the ego, trying to follow directions, looking for hidden answers in general, and to some degree advancement and high ground.

    The other woman, the one who remembers your childhood (toy) better than you do, is your Id, your ancient fears and hopes, left behind and lost in the spooky old house of half forgotten memories. She’s angry, because if you forget who she is, or don’t pay listen to her, she will no longer exist. She’s the one who screams for your attention and laughs when you visit her dark rooms.

    Andrew represents the superego, the stabilizing, nurturing and nourishing part of you (he wants to feed you, just like in my dream), who of course is disturbed and repelled by the wild demands and pleadings of the “Id” you. It is no surprise that he wants to take you away from her. But remember, he’s not really Andrew, he’s you.

    In the end, you realize that you have to mediate between these opposing, and completely vital aspects of yourself. Even the sea lion is the “soft animal of yourself” (The Wild Geese, Mary Oliver), that is able to turn off the running commentary of the mind, and exist in the eternal present, at least for a while.
    Not too bad, huh?

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