It’s my old man’s birthday.


So on this occasion of his 51st birthday, I thought I’d touch on a few highlights of what we’ve had together – since the years together are the only ones I know.

Riding into South Dakota. Remember the Bearnaise Sauce? It was like alfredo sauce with extra butter. Scary.
All the days we’d have lunch at home when we worked at Bozell/Kiewit
Lazy Sundays before we had kids
The day Davis was born. Was that crazy or what?
Hawaii. Remember we talked about eloping?
Cabo San Lucas.
Mexico with the boys. The tequila tour.
Ocean City that day that we just talked and talked.
Our wedding party. Celebrating with all our friends.
Leaving the wedding party in tears knowing we were moving 1200 miles away.
The day Reed was born. Tough one. You were great.
When we found out was pregnant with Max.
When Davis preschool teacher laughed because he told her I was having a baby. She knew I’d just had one so how could that be?
When Davis wondered why our new baby looked so different.
The Katzman’s helping us with the bris’s.
The day I brought the wood playhouse home.
Raising the boys with you here. I’m really proud of them. Aren’t you? We’ve had quite a run so far.

Happy birthday. Enjoy the ride, Andrew.


4 thoughts on “It’s my old man’s birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday Andrew. Nothing like a recap to remind you what you have. And you have plenty. Hope your day is great (and someone else cooks you dinner)

  2. so i only know details for a few of the stories and i still get all teary eyed. you guys are so lovely together. happy birthday andrew!

  3. Blanche! You reemerge just in time to share some awesome memories. Happy Birthday bro. You done good taking one lovely lady (and three beautiful boys) one along for the ride.

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