You deserve a break today.


We’ve all read about the staycation trend. You know, check into a local hotel or resort and enjoy down time in your own city. Or stay home and take some day trips or just make some fun at home.

It’s as good as a vacation.

Or not.

But today, I heard something on the radio that made me howl.

It was about a daycation. Urban Dictionary defines it as “A day trip. A day long vacation. Most daycations take place in amusement parks, or sometimes the beach.”

But this took it one step further. It suggested that you could go to On The Run and, for a mere 50 cents, have the time of your life. Yes, for that low price you could grab a soggy, hotdog – yes, the ones that sit out on that spinny thing for all to see, and that, my friends, is your getaway. Add a cheap fountain soda and it’s like a mini-vacation in your day.

I swear it said that, “a mini-vacation in your day.”

I could not make that up.

So who’s with me? I’m taking a daycation tomorrow. I could sure use the break.


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