Clean house.

The boys are back from camp. If you ever sent kids to sleepaway camp, you know what that means. Laundry.

Some of the grossest laundry ever.

Honestly, I know that some of those items will never make it back to the boys’ rooms – I have a big trash bag just ready for the rejects. You know, the socks with the holes or black soles. The t-shirts with orange soda batik (not purposefully), the jeans with the seat torn – well, you get the picture.

I don’t mind a bit. I’m just glad they’re home.


The house has been spotless for 2 weeks. I’ve organized, rearranged, and more. And now – not even 5 hours after the house is repopulated, it has lost its sparkle.

So what?

It’s all worth it. But I do like a neat house. But, really, it’s worth it.

I was so busy, I almost didn’t realize that I missed them so much. I didn’t realize how quiet it was. Well, not anymore!

Now, I hear Max’s giggle coming from downstairs. I hear Reed’s music through his earbuds and hear him typing, too.

I hear a full, happy house.

It’s not spotless. But it’s perfect.


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