The camera.


I don’t know this faceless woman. I just liked the composition of this photo. All the colors, the patterns. Top that with my curiosity that she and her crew needed this much stuff for a day at the beach.

I love my new Olympus camera. It is the replacement for my 3 month old Nikon. Admittedly, I loved the little Nikon. But it broke. I didn’t drop it, but something terrible happened to it.

3 days





But no fear. American Express refunded every penny. Can you believe it? It was amazing! And from what I learned with my months with the point and shoot Nikon, I figured out what features I really cared about. And this new little Olympus Stylus has them all.

(End commercial message here. seriously, I am not affiliated with Olympus, Nikon, or that woman on the beach. No one, sadly, has paid me to do anything. But I would entertain offers of a beach house, if you know anyone offering. I love the beach!)

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