Your cheatin’ heart.

I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine that really stopped me. It revolved around whether participation on Facebook or other social networks increases the likelihood of extramarital (or extrarelationshipal?) affairs.

I contend that opportunities present themselves in life. People make choices. My friend contends that Facebook starkly increases the number of opportunities.

I’ve been called Little Mary Sunshine more than once in my life. Maybe more than once this week.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your response is anonymous.

I gotta know.

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4 thoughts on “Your cheatin’ heart.

  1. Ok, have to agree with the friend. Yes, opps are out there all the time, but the access on FB is huge. It is not the primary problem with a broken marriage but it surely brings old flames back together and helps to give people options they did not have to get out. I have seen one marriage fall from a FB reconnection and will not be surprised when I see more. Sad but true. Social media runs havoc with relationships in general, don’t you think?

  2. Interesting conversation and poll. I lend to lean towards the increase in opportunities for affairs. Any chance of seeing the results of the poll?

  3. I think there have been actual studies that show cheating increases with internet use.

    We don’t like to admit it, but cheating is almost as natural as the desire for monogamy. Part of what keeps people from straying is lack of opportunity. And most decent people don’t go looking for opportunity. But if you spend any amount of time online, opportunity comes right to you whether you’re looking or not.

    I think an interesting question would be whether cheating is more common on new-style social networks, like Facebook, versus the type of stuff people were spending their time on a few years ago, like chat rooms. Because Facebook connects you with all of your (and her) friends, there may be powerful incentives to behave. It used to be said that on the internet, nobody knows if you’re a dog — but on Facebook, everyone knows.

  4. Honestly, Facebook does increase connections with people from one’s past, but so does the phone, email, living in the same town, having family in that town or to be perfectly frank, leaving the house. Cheating is not the result of being in contact with people from your past. It runs a lot deeper ( or shallower) than that.

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