Runaway Ramps

Driving along the Blue Ridge Mountains on I-77 at 73 mph may not be the perfect opportunity to take great photographs. But it is a great time to ponder.

We’re on disk 2 of 13 of Plague Ship by Clive Cussler, and frankly, it’s not holding my attention. So my mind is wandering and I’ve been thinking about those truck runaway ramps.

What a concept. You’re losing control. Overwhelmed. Feel like you’re going to crash and burn. I mean, who hasn’t felt that way before, right?

Well no worries. Because all you have to do is take the runaway ramp and you’ll come to a peaceful respid.

True, you can’t stay forever. And you’ll need to continue along your path again…but hopefully with a little renewed relief and appreciation.

You need to keep moving and you need to leave the ramp open for the next guy who needs to slow down safely.

But it’s good to know there’s another ramp just a mile down the road.


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