It’s fun until someone loses an eye.

Let me tell you about today.

The sun was shining. It was warm and beautiful. I had my coffee on the deck with my laptop. (okay, should have left the laptop in the house, but no one is perfect.)

The boys woke up one by one. The dads woke up and finally (ha!) the other mom woke up. Not that she’s lazy or anything. We had a pancake breakfast with warm fresh strawberry sauce.

Not too shabby.

Then, down to the dock. While the boys swam and took turns on the jet skis, I lounged on the float. The water was warm, but if it felt too warm, I could dive deep where it was much cooler. And then back onto the raft for a little more well-earned relaxation.

By around 2:00, we started thinking about food again. I made bacon and cut tomatoes that we bought just down the way. Oh my. Those were some great tomatoes. Add some sliced avocado, Cabot sharp cheddar, lettuce, bbq chicken. We cut a big bowl of watermelon, too. Everyone built their own. Yum.

Back to the dock. Played Yahtzee and Quiddler.

We planned some fun stuff for tonight with the kids. (Top Chef challenge for dessert!)

Then, we all donned lifejackets and headed out on the boat, pulling Max & Reed on the tube. They were having a blast. Seriously, it looked like so much fun that against my better judgment, I asked for a turn.

And as we went along, before my turn, I was taken by the beauty, the water, the sunshine. It was peaceful and really perfect. And then. I got on the tube.

And that’s when things turned ugly. Well, that’s a serious exaggeration, but I’m here to tell you that it hurts when your face slams down on that nylon textured strap at a kabillion miles an hour on the bumpy wake.

I’ll be fine. It’s nothing some serious grilled pizza and crazy dessert won’t heal.

What is?


5 thoughts on “It’s fun until someone loses an eye.

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! What lake again? Enjoy the rest of your week and be careful! Tubing is hard core. My dad used to try to shake us off the tube on purpose!

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