There’s something about traveling to new places that makes me want to live in new and interesting places.

And there’s something about traveling that makes me appreciate and love my home.

I wrote a long and detailed post about my family’s wonderful week. About our adventures and friends and food snd more.

I wrote about how close I feel to Andrew and the boys when we spend time together – and how we worked as an amazing team making decisions about what to do, where to go, and more.

Though it’s easy to say now, I think it was one of the better things I’ve written lately.

But it’s gone. Vanished. It escaped into vapor while it was uploading.

One day, I may try to re-write it. But right now, I’m just thinking about enjoying the last of our vacation and soaking up the time with my guys.


2 thoughts on “Ambivilence.

  1. ahhh jealous – our summer ends monday – the kids go back to school đŸ˜¦ but we also had some nice times with them this summer. sometimes i wish i had the patience to homeschool so i could spend more time with them.

  2. I once shot a roll of film (back in the dark ages) that I was sure was the best I had ever shot. And then I realized it never went through the camera.

    Sometimes the memory of what you created far exceeds how good it could ever be. Especially when you are trying to capture the essence of those precious moments that words can never truly do justice to.

    So glad you had the time to enjoy your family. As I am your foreshadowing, those days are so fleeting. Savor them.

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